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In this conversation with Karen Palmer, a multi-disciplinary immersive filmmaker who uses art, AI, gamification, neuroscience and behavioral psychology in her work, VRTL learns about her anti-empathy approach. Palmer’s RIOT, an installation that required bespoke artificial intelligence, used storylines triggered by the viewer’s response to calm, anger and/or fear. Palmer tells how fear has significant relevance to her creativity, and she reveals her unique way of grappling with it.

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Karen Palmer is an artist and storyteller from the future. A creator of immersive film experiences combining film, AI, gaming, art, behavioural psychology and the parkour philosophy of moving through fear, Karen’s works transform the participant’s awareness in a way that is key to surviving radical technological changes to come. Karen is the creator of the RIOT prototype, an emotionally responsive film using facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate through a dangerous riot.

Karen Palmer