We are a group of cinematic VR enthusiasts who decided to write the stories about immersive we wanted to read, currently not found in the cybersphere. Et voilà, VRTL was born.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium–because we like the central location (the chocolate and beer is a bonus)–VRTL is a weekly magazine designed for the (aspiring) professional working in media, video, or the virtual reality sector. Our editorial team is an American, Brazilian and European mix–plus a number of freelance writers from all over the globe. 

VRTL offers stories and interesting perspectives about-and-for this remarkable industry with a specific focus on cinematic VR & storytelling. We promise not to overuse the word “empathy” or mention “six degrees of freedom” in every other article.

Content will be updated each Saturday with a new set of in-depth profiles and exclusive articles on makers and visionaries working in VR. (For people born to create, we salute you). 

Our goal is for our readers to learn from interviews with industry leaders, as well as discover VR hardware and software news crucial to the production process. 

To be perfectly frank, our comprehensive events page is no fun to maintain and update, but still, it’s a de facto labor of love. Any event that brings the cinematic and larger VR communities together benefits us all. 

On top of the inspiration, VRTL hopes to help our readers save money with helpful product reviews and save time with our immersive content recommendations. 

In the very near future, we will post real-life VR hero cases allowing readers to up their game in this evolving industry. And in the not-quite-as-near future, we will be launching VRTL Academy with cinematic VR and storytelling courses. 

But enough about us. Have stuff you want to see? Your tips, press releases, feature and/or article suggestions about relevant topics and events in cinematic VR are always welcome. Ping us at:

VRTL looks forward to going beyond the hype and clichés (“VR is Dead,” in particular) and become the new must-read resource for VR professionals. 

Thanks for being part of it.