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In this conversation with Karen Palmer, a multi-disciplinary immersive filmmaker who uses art, AI, gamification, neuroscience and behavioral psychology in her work, VRTL learns about her anti-empathy approach. Palmer’s RIOT, an installation that required bespoke artificial intelligence, used storylines triggered by the viewer’s response to calm, anger and/or fear. Palmer tells how fear has significant relevance to her creativity, and she reveals her unique way of grappling with it.

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Karen Palmer is an artist and storyteller from the future. A creator of immersive film experiences combining film, AI, gaming, art, behavioural psychology and the parkour philosophy of moving through fear, Karen’s works transform the participant’s awareness in a way that is key to surviving radical technological changes to come. Karen is the creator of the RIOT prototype, an emotionally responsive film using facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate through a dangerous riot.

Karen Palmer

Recently I had the honor and pleasure of being able to speak to a wonderful and passionate person about the future of Virtual production and how the workflow of feature films as such has changed in recent years. His name is Hasraf Dulull, better known as HaZ.

Enjoy this episode of our VR Days Europe – VRTL Podcast Series


He’s a filmmaker who started as a visual effects supervisor on feature films on TV before making his directing and producing debut with the hit indie sci-fi feature film THE BEYOND which was a commercial success on all VOD platforms before being licensed by Netflix.  This led to his 2nd feature film – 2036 ORIGIN UNKNOWN starring Katee Sackhoff which got a limited theatrical release in the US and is currently on Netflix.