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Films From Garage Stories’ Cinematic VR Workshop To Be Showcased At Film Fest Ghent

Have you ever wanted to learn how to craft your own compelling, immersive VR film? If so, an upcoming VR workshop from Silicon Valley-based filmmaking lab Garage Stories (GS) is one to watch. GS, who specialize in running VR workshops, have partnered with VRTL, specialists in offering online theoretical VR courses. Prior to starting the offline workshop this September, participants will get access to VRTL’s online courses to gain insights into the workflow of VR filmmaking, giving them the best of both worlds. Work produced during the workshop will be showcased at this year’s Film Fest Ghent!

This unmissable hands-on VR workshop will give participants the chance to meet like-minded filmmakers and bring their cinematic VR projects to life under the guidance of expert instructors. After learning about the theory of VR on VRTLs online platform, participants will follow Garage Stories’ filmmaking techniques and be guided through the entire VR creation process, gaining a host of practical skills in the process. “I believe that, by partnering with VRTL, we’ve created a unique and blended workshop formula. We combine online theoretical courses with classroom training and field experience,” says Marta Ordeig, Founder of Garage Stories. 

This innovative workshop will teach every aspect of crafting compelling, immersive stories in VR, from developing scripts and creating user-centric story journeys to preparing production sheets and learning how to conduct effective scouting and casting. Using the latest 360° equipment, professional filmmakers will provide mentorship throughout the course as the VR films are filmed and edited. Finished work from the course will be presented and exhibited at the International Film Fest Gent, on October 12!

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VR is gaining importance at the film festivals and we believe that filmmakers should start explore the craftsmanship of cinematic VR

This course is perfect for any filmmakers or audiovisual professionals who are either interested in 360°/ VR or are already working in VR and are seeking more depth. The hands-on workshop would also be perfect for creatives looking for a broader skill set and VR enthusiasts looking to grow their craft. Signing up for this workshop will give participants the chance to join a network of VR creators and industry thought leaders. “VR is gaining importance at the film festivals and we believe that filmmakers should start explore the craftsmanship of cinematic VR,” says Pieter Van Leugenhagen, Managing Partner at VRTL.

About Garage Stories & VRTL

The goal of open lab Garage Stories is to gather the best creatives and technologists from around the globe and create VR experiences during hands-on workshops.Their unique methodology has been successfully applied by filmmakers around the world to turn their stories into immersive VR experiences. Their upcoming events this year include Stories of the Future at NYC, U.S., and co-organizing the Festival L’H in L’Hospitalet, Spain.

VRTL is a VR learning platform aimed at aspiring professionals working in media, video, or the virtual reality sector. Their online education platform and community helps its members to develop their VR storytelling abilities through a variety of online courses, in conjunction with offline workshops. For your chance to learn about VR and put your knowledge into practice, apply here!

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