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Virtual Reality Workflow Map

Printable poster with a detailed overview of the VR production process.

How can
this help me?

Though there is a lot of common ground with traditional film production, virtual reality has a different workflow. We have broken down the process and highlighted the milestones. Each job title is color-coded so you know exactly who is responsible for what phase. The VRTL Workflow Map helps you identify each job that needs to be accounted and budgeted for. It gives you an overview to help with planning and scheduling so you can keep tight control on each aspect.

virtual reality workflow map production

Is this the
absolute guide?

Virtual reality is a field that is constantly evolving. There is no standard in scriptwriting or production yet, which is part of this field’s appeal to many. This particular tool, however, the VRTL Workflow Map, is time-tested by award-winning creators but can also be adjusted to fit your crew needs and budget. For example, often one person has to cover several roles. You can compare and adapt this workflow to your particular project.

What should
i do with it?

Print it! Hang it on a wall (it really does look great framed). Or just tape it somewhere you can see everyday to remind yourself what a cool field you’re in. Or keep it somewhere as a placeholder for that Venice Film Festival prize. Want to be more original? Zoom out, cut along the milestone edges, bring to a copy shop and turn it into a mouse pad. Or use the prints on glossy paper to wrap up some gifts. There’s no limit to how this workflow map can inspire you. After all, you’re a creative!

virtual reality workflow map production

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