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Download Webinar: Creating Spatial Sound for Immersive Experiences


Spatial sound (also known as spatial audio) is a way of creating immersive sound in a 360° sphere around the listener. It’s used as a way to power up the story you want to tell whether it’s in VR, 360° content or even standard video and radio.

Download a free recording of the webinar about spatial sound with our course instructor Nir Netzer.

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Online course

Creating Spatial Sound for immersive experiences

We believe that spatial sound will completely change the way we consume and interact with audio. However, we recognize that producing spatial sound is challenging; the tech is still fresh, full of bugs and far away from being consumer-friendly. 

Well, that’s exactly why we’re launching our brand new Spatial Sound course! We hope to demystify and simplify the technology and bring you all the tools you need in order to start working in the field.