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René Pinnell: “Vision With Action Can Change The World for XR Artists”

I think it must have been about a year since René and I last met each other in real life. That must have been during Cannes XR if I remember correctly. In the meantime, a lot has happened with Kaleidoscope and the pandemic has certainly accelerated the implementation of the new business model. René Pinnell is Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope and has a clear mission and vision where he wants to go with the platform. Just like last year, Kaleidoscope and Cannes XR are teaming up and René gives us insights on what we can expect from this collaboration. Listen to his podcast how vision with action can change the world for XR artists.

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Kaleidoscope brings together top artists and industry leaders to develop, fund, license, curate, and distribute XR projects. Our mission is to exponentially increase funding for XR artists who push culture forward.