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Sean Rodrigo: “Spatial Creation – Designing inside Virtual Reality”

This week on our VRTL podcast we welcome Sean Rodrigo. Sean’s a London-based, Virtual Reality Artist / Technologist working with innovative XR technology such as virtual reality as a core creative tool to achieve engaging, insightful and meaningful experiences.

In this episode Pieter and Sean discuss the necessary skillset to start designing in virtual reality, the uncharted territory of spatial creation within the industry and insights on the available tools in the market. 

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The course will cover everything you need to know about using virtual reality as a tool to design in 3d and how to get use spatial tools for creativity. This component of the course will cover basic concepts of virtual reality as a technology, the hardware, a unique approach to artworking and how to design immersive worlds inside the world itself.


Over the last 13 years, Sean has worked in film, television and advertising with extensive experience in technical and creative campaigns. His current work ranges from installation artwork to designing prototype products in super fast timeframes – sometimes mixing technology with traditional tools such as theatre, design and animation.