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Online Courses

VRTL - online courses

At VRTL, we will teach you the craft and skills required for this rapidly developing field. Immerse yourself in the art of VR storytelling and its specific production process.

Learn from experienced professionals and the VR community: our deep-dive courses teach the videomaker how to transition to 360° and provide specific skills and tools (like a virtual power station) to help you excel.

Community Forum

VRTL - community

Even the most advanced in the field could use some inspiration from friends. Designed to help and learn from each other, this forum offers feedback to/from virtual reality insiders.

Our user-generated support base is intended to grow the VR storytelling community further with solutions, tips, and additional resources. You don’t have to sit behind the screen alone.

Introductory course to
VR storytelling

If you work in an audiovisual agency, or are just exploring new technologies, get a solid overview of virtual reality. Whether you’re a designer, office manager, or in business development, this course explains the potential and the production process of VR.

You will gain a solid overview of the history of virtual reality and find out why it developed so slowly—yet the industry  is poised to explode. You will learn the ins out outs of a shoot, and the technical aspects, (such as the importance of sound) and get a feel for the equipment.

Complex subject matter is broken down into meaningful chapters. You will absorb content with the help of easy modules and videos.  Best of all, you will gain more confidence and experience in virtual reality and be able to elevate your career.

This course is for

  • Students in film, cinema or audiovisual
  • Videomakers wanting to make the transition to 360°
  • Those already working in VR who seek more depth
  • Dedicated VR enthusiasts who want to grow in their craft
  • Creatives who want a broader skillset

Upcoming programs

Courses LED BY
accomplished PROFessionals

Some things should be left to the professionals and teaching Cinematic VR is one of them. Our courses are led by individuals with an impressive track record, people with experience, insight and accolades. Our online education platform helps VR enthusiasts broaden their VR Storytelling capacity.

VRTL is here to kickstart–and expand–careers in virtual reality. We save you time with in-depth courses, insights into real-life case studies, and an encouraging online community to support your development. But most importantly, our upcoming programs are headed by accomplished professionals.

Introductory Course VRTL

This course OFFERS

  • Unprecedented content
  • Dozens of tutorial videos
  • 35 hours of raw footage
  • Affordable modules
  • Work at your own speed
  • Career-boosting knowledge
  • Highly-experienced instructors
  • New content added regularly
  • View content on computer, tablet or mobile device.
Someone's going to learn VR and make magnificent experiences. Shouldn't it be you?
Cinematic VR is not for the weak, so get strong creative, technology and thinking skills.